How to Install HP LaserJet Pro MFP 4104dw Printer for Windows?

Install HP LaserJet Pro MFP 4104dw Printer for Windows

Installing the HP LaserJet Pro MFP 4104dw printer on a Windows computer involves several steps to ensure proper functionality and connectivity. Follow these detailed instructions to successfully set up your printer:

Step-by-Step Setup Guide for HP LaserJet Pro MFP 4104dw printer

# Step 1: Unpack and Install the HP LaserJet Pro MFP 4104dw printer

● Unbox the Printer: Remove all packaging materials and tapes from the HP LaserJet Pro MFP 4104dw printer.

● Install Toner Cartridge: Open the toner cartridge access door, remove the toner cartridge from its package, and insert it into the printer until it clicks into place.

● Load Paper: Adjust the paper guides in the input tray to fit the size of the paper you are using. Load a stack of paper into the input tray.

# Step 2: Connect the HP LaserJet Pro MFP 4104dw Printer to Power and Network

● Power Connection: Plug one end of the power cord into the printer and the other end into a power outlet. Turn on the printer using the power button.

Network Connection:

● Ethernet Connection: Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the printer’s Ethernet port and the other end to an available port on your router or network switch.

● Wireless Connection: Navigate the printer's control panel to access the wireless setup wizard. Follow the on-screen instructions to connect the printer to your wireless network.

# Step 3: Download and Install the Printer Software

1. Driver Download:

● Visit the HP Support website and navigate to the section for printer drivers.

● Enter your printer model (HP LaserJet Pro MFP 4104dw) and select your operating system (e.g., Windows 10, Windows 11).

● Download the latest full feature driver package for your HP LaserJet Pro MFP 4104dw printer.

2. Run the Installer:

● Once the download completes, locate the downloaded driver file and double-click to run it.

● Follow the on-screen instructions in the installation wizard. Choose the typical or recommended installation option if prompted.

3. Connect the Printer (If Prompted):

● During the installation, the software may prompt you to choose a connection type. Select either Ethernet or wireless, depending on your setup.

4. Complete Installation:

● Once the installation is complete, the software may prompt you to print a test page to verify connectivity. Follow any additional instructions provided by the installer.

# Step 4: Configure Printer Settings (Optional)

1. Set Default Printer:

● Open the Control Panel on your Windows computer.

● Navigate to Devices and Printers.

● Right-click on your HP printer and select Set as default printer.

2. Adjust Printer Preferences:

● Right-click on your printer icon in Devices and Printers.

● Select Printing preferences to adjust settings such as paper size, quality, and orientation.

# Step 5: Troubleshooting (If Necessary)

1. Check Connection:

● Ensure the printer is connected to the same network as your computer if using wireless.

● Verify all cables are securely connected if using Ethernet.

2. Update Drivers (If Needed):

● If you encounter issues, visit the HP Support website to check for updated drivers and software patches.

3. Printer Firmware:

● Periodically check for firmware updates on the HP Support website to ensure your printer has the latest features and improvements.

# Step 6: Additional Resources

1. User Manual:

● Refer to the printer’s user manual for detailed instructions on maintenance, troubleshooting, and additional features.

2. Online Support:

● Visit the HP Support website for FAQs, troubleshooting guides, and community forums for further assistance.

By following these steps, you should be able to successfully install and set up your HP LaserJet Pro MFP 4104dw printer on your Windows computer. Always ensure you have the latest drivers and software updates to optimize performance and compatibility with your operating system.

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