How To Solve The HP Printer Not Printing Issue On Mac Device?

HP Printer Not Printing Issue On Mac Device

How Can I Fix My Mac Device's HP Printer Not Printing Problem?

HP brand offers a huge line of printer devices for Windows and Mac devices. Also, both wired and wireless printers connect smoothly to your computer devices. With the help of these printers, users can increase their working efficiency by two folds.

But like any any other electrical device, there is a chance that your HP printer won't print. There could be a number of causes for this problem. Additionally, in order to continue printing without interruption, you must resolve this issue. For the correct information and solutions regarding the printer not printing issue, continue reading this blog to the very conclusion.

Methods to solve the Hp printing Issues

Method 1. Remove And Re-add Your Printer

  On your Mac device, you must first pick the Spotlight option.

  Look for the Printers & scanner options after that.

  You now have to choose the printer name that you are using.

  Choose the Remove or Remove Printer button after that.

  The next step is to select the option to either delete or remove the printer.

  Select your printer device from the list by clicking the Add Printer, Scanner, or Fax button.

  Finally, select the Add menu item.

Method 2. Use the Diagnose & Fix

  Initially, you must open the HP Smart App and select the Diagnose & Repair option. (If your smartphone does not already have the HP Smart App, you will need to download it.)

  After that, you must select Start.

  If it finds any problems, you have to follow to the instructions displayed on the screen.

  Check to see whether the issue with the printer not printing has been fixed at this point.

Method 3. Reset the Printer System On Your Mac

  Start by clicking the Spotlight icon and then searching for the Printers & Scanners option.

  Click or press the right mouse button while holding down the control in the printer's list.

  To finish the reset, you must next choose the option Reset printing system.

  Restart your HP printer after that.

  Next, choose the Add button and click on your printer option after selecting the Add Printer, Scanner, or Fax option.

  Finally, select the Add menu item.

Method 4. Make a Manual IP Connection

1.  Printing a Network Configuration or Wireless Network Test Result report is necessary for the first step.

2.  Try to find the IP Address, Subnet Mask, Wireless Status, URL, and Default Gateway on the configuration screen now. Assess the follow-up criteria after that.

  Verify the connected status by looking at the 802.11 Wireless screen.

  Look for the IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway under 802.11 Wireless now.

  Next, identify the Embedded Web Server URL or URLs in the General Information section. There can be more than one URL on your printer device.

3.  You now need to open any browser on your Mac device and enter any of the URLs in the search bar. After that, press Enter to start the Embedded Web Server (EWS).

4.  Choose the Network or Networking tab when the EWS opens. Next, select the wifi menu. Select the IPv4 Configuration thereafter.

5.  Choose Manual IP and then enter the printer details.

  Choose Suggest a Manual IP Address if you want all the fields to be filled in automatically. Next, confirm that the setup page's Manual IP Address, Manual Subnet Mask, and Manual Default Gateway match those specified below.

  Will you be unable to locate the Manual IP Address Suggest feature. Next, select the option to input data into a designated field from the setup page by clicking on it.

6.  Click the Apply button to save the manual IP address configuration.

7.  In the main menu bar, click the Spotlight symbol. Next, do another search for the Printers and Scanners option.

8.  Next, choose the button labeled Add Printer, Scanner, Fax, or Add.

9.  Select the IP icon by clicking on it in the Add Printer window.

10.  Put the manual IP address in the address field. Next, select AirPrint from the protocol drop-down menu.

11.  It may take some time for your Mac device to connect to the printer.

12.  Put the printer's name in the name area so you can readily identify it.

13  Finally, to finish the setup procedure, select the Add option.

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