HP ENVY 6055E Bluetooth Printer Setup Guide for Windows and Mac

HP ENVY 6055E Bluetooth Printer Setup Guide for Windows and Mac

HP ENVY 6055E Bluetooth Printer Setup Guide

Are you prepared to complete setup your first HP ENVY 6055E printer for Bluetooth on a Windows or Mac computer? This blog is going to be useful to read if the response is in the positive. Throughout my professional life, I have assisted numerous new printer users in getting set up and operating. To install a new printer, you must first download the appropriate printer driver and then follow the operating system's setup instructions.

If you are also unaware of the method, I will help you to understand the basics of completing the setup process. So, read this article through to the conclusion to get all the information you need to set up your printer properly.

Downloading Driver for HP ENVY 6055E Printer Bluetooth Setup

Installing the appropriate driver for your device after downloading it is necessary to finish the HP ENVY 6055E printer setup process. As a result, I've included a step-by-step tutorial for downloading and installing the HP printer driver in the section below.

  Start by using the browser on your Windows or Mac computer to browse the official HP website.

  Choose the Software and Drivers option from the website.

  Select the Printer choice in the following step.

  Enter the name of your HP ENVY 6055E printer model in the search bar now, and then select the Submit option.

  Next, select the printer choice by clicking on its name beneath the search bar.

  Next, select the OS version that you are running by going to the settings.

  A list of other printers will then appear on the screen.

  Choose the HP printer driver that works best for you and click the Download button next to it.

  After that, wait for one minute to complete the download.

  When the download is complete, double-click the file and install it on your device.

This is an easy guide to download the compatible driver for your HP printer. However, if you're having any issues or need professional assistance to set up your HP printer, visit printerhelp247.com for a free consultation. Our printer experts provide complete guidance through live chat or call during the setup process.

Steps for HP ENVY 6055E Printer Bluetooth Setup on Your Computer

Once you download the compatible driver for your HP printer, you can proceed with the setup process. This article explains how to configure a printer on a Mac or Windows computer.


 Make sure the Windows PC and HP ENVY 6055E printer are close to one another before continuing with the connecting process. Turn on the printer as well.

  Next, open your PC's Settings window and select Bluetooth & other devices.

  Next, select the Bluetooth tab and click to turn it on.

  Select the "Add device" option from the Bluetooth menu.

  Select Bluetooth from the menu on the following page, and the device will begin looking for nearby printers.

  Select the name of your Bluetooth printer from the list.

  If a prompt appears to enter the PIN, enter 0000 and select "Connect."


 First, turn on your HP ENVY 6055E printer and position it close to the Mac computer to get it ready for the connection.

  Next, navigate to the Apple menu by opening the System Preferences window.

  Next, select Printers & Scanners from the menu that opens.

  Next, click the Add Printer, Scanner, or Fax button or select the (+) icon. Select the Default option as well.

  Next, choose the name of your HP ENVY 6055E printer from the list and give it a click.

  In case the name of your HP ENVY 6055E printer is not displayed on the screen, manually input the printer's IP address and press the Return button.

  Lastly, give it time for the connection to finish.

HP ENVY 6055E Printer Bluetooth Setup With the HP Smart App

The HP smart app is an application of software that works with HP ENVY 6055E printers to help in printer setup and completion of tasks. This is a comprehensive instruction explaining how to set up your printer with the HP Smart app.

Step 1: Install the HP Smart App

  Use your computer or mobile device to visit the official HP website to download the HP Smart app.

  Find the app on the website or navigate to the Apps section.

  Then, click the Download button for the app.

  After the download finishes, open the app and follow the installation instructions.

Step 2: Complete the Setup Using HP Smart App

  First, position your computer, mobile device, and HP printer close to the WiFi router.

  Next, turn on your computer or smartphone's Wi-Fi and connect to the network. (If you're using an Ethernet cable, detach it during setup and use a wireless network exclusively.)

  To ensure your device is running the latest OS, turn on Windows updates.

  Once you open the HP Smart app, it will immediately search for the printer to complete the setup.

 When prompted, select the Wi-Fi, USB, or Network connection type. (Options may vary depending on your computer and mobile device.)

  Finally, reset your printer's Wi-Fi configuration mode.

  Next, select "Settings" or "Network Setup" from the menu.

  Click the "Restore Network Settings" option.

  After quitting and returning, add your printer to the HP Smart app.

  Finally, the printer installation process will be complete.

Have you used these steps to set up your HP ENVY 6055E printer? If not, you can find answers to all your printer setup questions on the printerhelp247.com support page. The printer specialists on the website offer free consultations and provide round-the-clock assistance.

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