Step-by-Step Guide to Resolving Wireless Printer Issues

Check the printer queue - It may seem obvious, but how often have you experienced printer problems only to find, an hour later, that there is one print job from the week before that refused to print and keeps your current print job from printing? I'm sure it happened to all of us multiple times. So the first thing to always check is your printer’s print queue. All print tasks will be presented along with their current status and any mistakes they may have. Make sure the job has been sent to the proper printer as well. That may also drive you crazy.

To check if the problem is with the wireless connection or something else, connect the printer to your computer using a USB cable- If you connect the printer to your computer using a USB cable and it functions, you can be sure the problem is with the wireless connection. However, you now know that the problem is probably a software or printer issue if you connect the computer to the printer with a USB cable and the printer still doesn't function. Having this knowledge can help you focus your troubleshooting attempts and lead to a quicker its conclusion.

Common Wireless Printer Issues

Confirm your device is on the right network. We have all engaged in this at one time or another. You submit a document to the printer and wait, wait, wait, only to discover that your device has automatically connected to the incorrect network. Check your settings to confirm that your device is connected to the proper network, then attempt printing once more.

Update all computer, printer, and wireless router software

In our view, this is the most typical cause of printing problems. There has almost always gone a direct link between wireless printer problems and a recent Windows update ever since Windows 10 came along and their automatic updates started.

Relocate the printer – If after doing all the above if you are still experiencing problems with wireless printing after trying everything above. Keep in mind that you are not simply printing a text from your computer to your printer when you print wirelessly. The print work has to move from the computer to the wireless router, then to the wireless printer via wireless technology. The wireless signal may not be powerful enough to execute the print command if the computer and wireless router are too far apart, or if there are heavy objects such as furniture or thick walls between them. It could be possible to move the wireless router and printer closer to one another in order to fix all printing problems.

Conclusion :

Problems with printer connectivity can be frustrating, but by using the troubleshooting techniques mentioned above, you can fix the issue and continue your printing tasks. Always make sure your network options are correct and that your printer's software and drivers are updated. For more help if you're still experiencing problems, get in touch with technical support.

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