How Do I Setup Fax on HP Printer?

How Do I Setup Fax on HP Printer

Setting up the printer to send and receive faxes

You learned that your HP printer has fax capabilities, but you need to complete the HP fax setup before you can utilize this feature. Both the HP printer setup and your fax machine setup are simple steps that need to be followed. Sending a fax is similar to sending an email or letter via the mail, with the little distinction that faxes are thought to be more dependable or trustworthy than letters. The HP printer can be configured to fax over a standard landline connection.

To make the HP fax setup process as easy as quick as possible, we have put together this tutorial. How can I set up my HP printer to fax? is a query that readers regularly ask. After reading the given instructions, you should be able to install the HP fax by yourself. Before proceeding, ensure that HP Printer Assistance is installed to your computer via and that your HP printer is included in the Printer Assistance service.

Here's How to Configure an HP Printer for Fax.

  First, get a phone lead and make sure it has two wire leads, not four.

  Connect the chord to the 1-Line jack or slot on the back of the HP printer.

  Connect a separate end to the phone's wall socket.

  The feeder tray should be full of paper.

  You can attach a lead to the answering machine and the 2-EXT jack on the rear of your printer to lessen fax noise.

  You can now finish the fax setup process based on your Mac or Windows device.

HP Fax Setup for Windows

Use the instructions below if you are using Windows. This section is not for you if you are a Mac user. Go directly to the following one.

  Start the HP Printer Assistance program and turn on your Windows PC.

  Pointer upward and choose the Print, Scan, and Fax tab.

  Go to the "Fax" tab.

  Choose the Fax Setup Wizard next.

  After that, you have to keep following the on-screen directions to configure your printer to send and receive faxes.

  Now put your name, company name, and phone number in the fax header.

  By running the fax test, you may ascertain whether the fax settings is correct.

  From the Control Panel of the HP printer, choose the Fax option.

  Select "Start Fax Test."

  The printed report then confirms that the fax configuration is accurate.

HP Fax Setup for Mac

  Turn on your Mac.

  Verify that the Mac is equipped with all the required uses for printing and faxing.

  Go to if you haven’t already downloaded the software.

  Double-click the HP folder in the list of apps

  Now select Finder.

  You can click Application to open Go.

  In the list of apps, double-click the HP folder (which may have the entire name Hewlett-Packard).

  Click HP Utility two times now.

  To complete the fax setting process, click Fax Settings and follow the on-screen directions.

  The fax header has more space for content.

  Run the fax test to confirm that the HP fax configuration is correct.

  Select Setup or Fax from the control panel of the printer.

  If the fax test is successful, you can start sending and receiving faxes.

How do I Send a Fax after Completing HP Fax Setup?

  After adding paper to the printer feeder tray, you can retrieve the fax report (if one exists).

  Put the report face down on the cover of the scanner.

  Align the paper using its guide edges.

  Verify that the phone line is operational but not in use.

  Using the keyboard on your printer, dial the recipient's fax number, including the area code.

  To send the fax to the recipient, select Send, Black, or Color.

How do I Receive a Fax After Completing HP Fax Setup?

  Your printer will become fax-compatible as soon as you have configured it correctly to receive faxes. The document can also be emailed to another person, printed, or saved to your computer.

  On the printer control panel, press the Fax button to manually receive a fax call. Additionally, you can activate the programmed mode, which will start receiving faxes after a predetermined number of rings. Use your printer to print the fax on both sides of the paper if it has double-sided printing capabilities.

Do you require help? Enter the HP Printer Support number.

With any luck, this post will address all of your inquiries regarding HP printer fax setup. On a Mac or Windows computer, you may set up the HP fax service and begin sending and receiving faxes. Make sure the printer software is updated on a regular basis to guarantee uninterrupted faxing. Installing the latest software, including HP Printer Assistance, is as easy as visiting the website, entering the printer model, and following the on-screen instructions. You may want to speak with HP experts if you are having any problems configuring the fax.

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