How to Solve Error 79 on HP LaserJet Printers?

Fix the 79 Service Error on HP Printers

Because HP printers are dependable and produce prints of exceptional quality, people adore them. They are the ideal utility tool since they can do numerous functions like faxing, scanning, and printing. These printers are now the best options for the house, workplace, and classroom. However, Error 79 occasionally throws off your perfectly good printing experience. Although firmware updates are typically the cause of this problem, there may be other causes as well. We'll walk you through each step in this article to fix HP Printer Error 79.

Understanding the HP 79 Service Error:

Generally, the HP 79 Service error arises due to an issue with the firmware or software of the printer. However, there may be more causes as well, such as print jobs that are corrupted, out-of-date firmware, or problems with the printer's internal hardware. This mistake can be very annoying because it requires the user to repeatedly turn the printer on and off in order to fix the problem.

HP 79 Service Error Loop:

When the HP Error 79 service keeps coming up on repeat, there is nothing more annoying for the customer. Users become frustrated as a result of the interruption to their printing experience, as it continues to appear on the printer screen even after the device has been reset several times. To resolve such problems and get the printer back on track, a thorough investigation is necessary to determine the true cause of the error.

Solution-I 79 Error Turn off then on

Switch off your printer, wait 30 seconds, then switch it back on and let it initialize. If you're using an extension board, take it off. Turn on the printer as soon as you plug it into the power socket.

If there is still an error warning. After that, unplug any USB or network wires.

Check the firmware version on your printer and update it to a newer one if needed.

NOTE: By printing the configuration report from the control panel, you may confirm the firmware version on your printer.

You have to remove all print jobs from all computers connected to the printer if the problem persists.

HP 79: Service Error Continues to Restart:

Turn the printer on and off:  Power recycling is a very easy method that frequently fixes a variety of printer-related problems. Switch off the printer, wait a few seconds or a minute, and then switch it back on. These easy actions might fix small software bugs and assist in loading the correct settings.

Clear Print Queue:  Remove the print job that is still outstanding by canceling it. The print queue may be reached through device management; there is a print queue option there. You can clear the print queue by deleting or canceling the outstanding tasks.

Update Firmware:  If your HP printer has firmware updates available, you can update it to fix this problem. Just install them and restart the printer to take care of any compatibility concerns.

  Navigate to the 'Software and Drivers' page on the official HP website.

  Check the model number of your printer.

  Navigate through the list to identify the printer model you own.

  To enlarge the "Firmware" category, click the "+" symbol. Proceed to download and install the firmware updates by following the prompts on the screen.

Reset Printer Settings:  To return the printer's settings to their original state, perform a factory reset. This can assist in resolving configuration-related problems that are causing the error.

Examine the Hardware:  Damaged or defective parts might occasionally cause your printer to malfunction. Verify that everything is in working order and look for any hardware damage on your printer. But, in the event that you discover a malfunction brought on by defective components or hardware damage, you will need to replace it with the assistance of professionals.


The 79 Service Error Although HP can be quite annoying for users, you can fix this mistake by following the instructions in this guide. Maintaining your printer's firmware updated will help you fix the problem, and even something as basic as power recycling can be quite helpful. It is recommended to seek assistance from technical professionals if the problem continues or if malfunctioning or damaged hardware is the cause.

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