How to Fix HP Printer Not Printing Properly in Windows PC

Is your HP printer not printing anything and showing the error popup? We can understand how this can be upsetting. This problem is so common that it can appear at any time while printing files and documents. There are many things that can cause this error such as outdated drivers, wrong configuration in Windows, wrong connection, etc. For this reason, you must try effective solutions to overcome such errors. To solve this problem, this article will guide you in some ways to fix the printer not printing.

In addition, these tutorials are easy because we will explain everything to you in a step-by-step guide. Following the steps given in this blog will quickly get rid of the non-printing problem in no time.

Fix 1: Basic Troubleshooting

Before proceeding with the next steps to fix the HP printer not printing error, you need to do some troubleshooting. Make sure there is a network connection between your HP printer and your PC. You need to connect them well with each other. Along with this, you can also check whether all cables are connected properly or not. Additionally, you always have the option to restart the HP printer. To restart, follow these steps:

  • First, turn off the printer, then unplug the power cord.

  • Leave it for a few minutes.

  • After that, plug the cable back in.

  • Turn on the HP printer.

Fix 2: Set Printer as a Default Device

When we print, our computer assigns the print job to the default printer we set. And it works automatically; you don't have to manually select the printer. However, if you want to use a specific printer, you must select it manually. So, if you haven't set your HP printer to default, you might see the HP printer doesn't print error. To solve the problem, follow these steps:

  • Open the command prompt by pressing the Windows key + R on the keyboard.

  • Type the control in the box as shown in the picture below and click the OK button.

  • You need to select the Devices and Printers option on the next screen.

  • Next, right-click on the HP printer option and select set as default printer option. If asked, click the Yes button.

  • Then you will see a green check mark on your HP printer icon, which means you have successfully set the default printer.

Fix 3: Cancel the Printer Tasks

Sometimes multiple jobs get stuck in a row which leads to HP printing errors. The line may contain a failed print function, preventing normal print operations. Therefore, users should clear all print jobs to work again.

To cancel a print job, follow these instructions:

  • Next, go to Control Panel again (refer to steps 1 and 2).

  • Next, right-click HP and the printer in the Printers section and select See What's Live.

  • Next, start the printer menu and click the Open as option.

  • Then you need to open the same printer again and select the Cancel All Documents option.

  • Then select yes to complete the process.

Reasons like internet connection, outdated drivers and incorrect configuration cause not printing on HP printer. However, the problem can be solved online by following a simple tutorial. Therefore, we have given you 3 effective solutions to restore your HP printer. Basically, you need to set your HP printer to default to avoid non-printing errors. Second, you can delete the print job that prevents the print job. First, you need to do some troubleshooting.

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