How to Resolve HP Smart Wireless Printer Offline Issue?

Resolved HP Smart Wireless Printer Offline Issue

Is there a problem with the offline HP Smart wifi printer? One of the most frequent problems with your printer device is offline. There are a number of causes, including outdated or missing drivers, printer problems, failed network connections, and more. Additionally, it can be difficult to always identify the underlying source of a problem. However, there are a few relevant techniques that may be used to address the offline issue in order to fix it. This blog will provide you with a step-by-step guide to learning some of the most efficient techniques and knowing where to go for expert assistance if the problem continues.

Method 1: Restart the HP Smart Printer

Continue following the instructions if you want to fix the problem with your HP smart wireless printer.

  Take away all of the plugs from the power outlet source while your printer is online.

  Turn off the PC that you are using to connect the printer after that.

  If the printer is linked to a Wi-Fi network, you need to restart the router.

  After that, put the printer's plug into the power outlet.

  To switch on the printer, press the power button now.

  Verify that the printer and computer devices are linked to the same network connection if the printer has joined a Wi-Fi network.

  As soon as you have a computer device, ensure sure it is connected to the correct network by looking through the choices.

Method 2: Uncheck the "Use Printer Offline" option.

The printer might display the offline problem if the utilize printer offline option is enabled. Therefore, make use of the following techniques to resolve the problem with your device.

  Press the Windows logo key on your keyboard first.

  After that, open the Control Panel and select Devices & Printers.

  Next, choose the printer choice on your device and execute a right-click on it.

  You now need to choose the See What's Printing option.

  Following that, a pop-up box will show up on the screen. Select the Printer tab from the box's contents.

  If you see the appropriate tick next to the Use Printer Offline option in the printer tab, click on it.

  Check your printer device now to make sure the offline issue is still present.

  You can receive live chat or phone support by visiting the Wireless Printer online support page if you are having trouble following the instructions.

Method 3: Reset Your HP Printer

You can resolve small difficulties with your HP printer by resetting it. Here are the procedures to do so.

  Press the HP printer's Power button to turn it off if it is still running.

  Next, take the USB cord and power connector out of the computer and power outlet.

  After that, give everything a minute or two to relax.

  Reconnect the cables and plugs to their original locations now.

  Finally, turn it on and check to see if it appears online.

Method 4: Disable the ‘SNMP Status Enabled’ Feature

The SNMP status-enabled feature step-by-step instructions are provided here.

  You must select the Start menu from the taskbar in order to begin.

  After selecting its choice, open the Devices & Printers box.

  The name of your HP printer should now appear in the Printers and Fax section.

  To access Properties, right-click on the HP device choice and choose it.

  Next, from the Port pane, choose the Configure Port option.

  Deselect the SNMP Status Enabled option if it is chosen.

  The next step is to click the OK button to apply the changes.

  Verify if the offline problem has been fixed in the last stage.

You may still see your HP printer as offline even after attempting the aforementioned fixes. In this situation, expert assistance is required. For in-depth assistance from knowledgeable advisors, go to our

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