How To Download And Update HP Laptop Drivers?

The laptops can print on a large range of HP printers that are supported by the HP laptop drivers. HP offers the drivers required for laptops and printers to function properly. Do you want to update the drivers on your HP laptops in order to enhance their performance, or do you have a problem with them? Be patient. The procedures needed to download or upgrade the HP laptop drivers may be found in this post and are easy to follow.

Download and Update HP Laptop Drivers

The Process to Download HP Laptop Drivers Manually

You can manually download the HP laptop drivers from the manufacturer's website.

To begin the process, one must first determine precisely which drivers need to be updated or installed. To do this, open Device Manager on the Windows laptop.

The following instructions can be used to download the HP drivers:

  • Visit the manufacturer's website for the gadget. One option is to visit the HP help center, for example.

  • Use the website or the model of your HP laptop to search for the device driver.

  • In this phase, the appropriate operating system must be chosen.

  • Download the most recent version of the necessary HP laptop driver in the last step.

The process to Update HP Laptop Drivers Automatically

Driver Easy allows you to automatically update the drivers for your HP laptop. Driver Easy is the program that detects the system automatically and determines which drivers are compatible with it. You don't have to be concerned about downloading the incorrect driver or making a mistake when installing the drivers when using the automatic HP laptop driver update method.

To update the drivers on an HP laptop, utilize Driver Easy's Free or Pro version.

The following instructions can be used to download the drivers for your HP laptop:

  • Installing and downloading Driver Easy is the first step.

  • The next step is to launch Driver Easy on the computer and select the "Scan Now" option. Driver Easy will begin operating on the system by examining the laptop and identifying any driver issues.

  • It is now your responsibility to click the "Update" button next to the device that has been flagged in the third step so that the appropriate driver version may be downloaded automatically. After that, install the laptop's HP driver.

Alternatively, by selecting "Update All," the most recent version of every driver that is outdated or missing from the system can be downloaded and updated automatically.

Finally, in order for the installed version of the HP driver to function, the laptop must be restarted.


Compared to the automatic process, the manual method of installing HP drivers on the system is far more dangerous and time-consuming. When someone is confident in their ability to utilize a computer, they should use the former approach. Driver Easy is a reliable option for anyone looking for a quick and simple method to install and update the drivers for an HP laptop. To download and update the HP laptop drivers, use one of the methods mentioned above.

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