How To Fix HP Ink Cartridge Error

The majority of the time, Hewlett-Packard printers function flawlessly due to their simple user interface and excellent print quality. However, just like any other electronic device, printers are prone to malfunctions and technical problems. "Ink Cartridge Error Issue" is one of these most frequent HP Printer issues. However, with the right guidance and steps to be taken, you may remove the cartage error.

We'll cover several popular techniques in this blog post to help you print more easily and fix HP ink cartridge issues.

How to Fix HP Printer Ink Cartridge Errors

How will you know about HP Printer Ink Cartridge Problem?

An error message may appear on your computer screen if your printer becomes stuck as a result of this problem. The HP ink cartridge issue is also displayed on HP printers with display screens. If the cartridge indicator is flashing, your printer is having problems with a faulty color cartridge.

Sometimes a specific ink cartridge that is the source of the problem will also be shown on the printer screen for you to remove. Thus, if you would like to learn how to resolve the problem, continue reading on this page.

In the event that your printer stops working or if the light on the cartridge starts to blink, you can see the following pop-ups:

  • HP Cartridge Missing

  • HP Printer Cartridge error

  • Depleted Ink Cartridge

  • Cartridge Problem

  • Incompatible Cartridge

  • Cartridges in the Wrong Slot

  • Print cartridge(s) missing or not detected

  • Ink Cartridge Failure

Easy solutions to fix HP Printer Ink Cartridge Problem

1. Use only original HP printer ink

Always use original HP printer products if you want your printer to operate at its best. Always purchase genuine HP ink cartridges for your printer model when replacing ink cartridges. It is more likely that issues will arise if you do not use authentic products. You can visit HP's official website to find out which ink cartridge is compatible with your printer.

2. Verify the cartridge number

People frequently make mistakes when configuring a printer for the first time, so you can either seek professional advice or take printer manuals help. Make sure each cartridge is placed in the correct place. Verify that the cartridge numbers match to the model of the printer and the location (country/region) in which the printer was purchased.

3. Remove and reinsert the ink cartridges

It is possible that the cartridge is not inserted. If so, you can try removing them and re-inserting them after shaking the ink bottles to resolve the problem. To achieve this, refer to our guidelines below:

1. Slide open the ink cartridge door on your printer, then take out the black and color ink cartridges.

To switch on the printer, hit the "Power On" button now. Now, before you proceed, give the printer another 20 to 30 seconds to become silent.

After that, carefully escape both cartridges back into their designated slots.

Verify that the printer identifies and aligns them by looking at the printer display screen.

4. Reset the printer to solve HP Printer Ink Cartridge Problem

When everything else fails, the best course of action is to reset. You can use this to completely reset your printer, wiping off all of its previous data. You now have a new printer in this fashion. Thus, to reset your HP printer and fix numerous ink cartridge problems, follow these steps:

  • Turn on your printer first, if it is not on.

  • Then let it a few seconds to start and prepare.

  • Now unplug the printer's power cord from the back.

  • Again, give it at least 50–60 seconds.

  • Next Plug the power cord back into a working electricity socket.

  • Once the printer is silent, give it another 30 seconds.
5. Replace the troublesome ink cartridge

If you notice that restarting the printer did not fix the problem, you might want to think about getting a new cartridge. But first, you identify the cartridge that is actually the problem before taking this action. Then, just that cartridge needs to be replaced—not the whole deck.

  • First remove the black cartridge and then pull down the cartridge access door.

  • It's time to change the tri-color cartridge if the notification stays on your printer's display screen.

  • Lift the cartridge door, then press on the tricolor cartridge to take it out of the slot in order to remove it.

  • If the message "Print Cartridge Problem" is still visible, replace both the tricolored and black cartridges.

  • Don't forget to immediately place the new ink cartridge into your printer; don't leave it empty for longer.

Look for true and genuine HP items while replacing the ink cartridge by using the model number and name of your printer. Never use used or old ink cartridges as they may still contain ink. since it can cause you to run into the same issue again.

Check to see whether the problem has been resolved after replacing. Try printing some sny documents first, and if all goes well, you may proceed with the printing process to obtain the incredible HD prints from your HP printer.


Check to see if your printer is operating correctly after attempting each step. If, however, none of the aforementioned solutions resolve your problem, you can get assistance from HP support printer professionals. Because HP Support has such a great technical staff, they are constantly prepared to help clients with their problems.

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